Starve the Disease is a cooking manual for people with Parkinson's Disease.

The Starve The Disease Manual is full of recipes that are healthier options for people with PD. I have taken familiar, comfort foods and made them plant-based, easy to prepare with minimal ingredients. This manual is designed for cooking for one or two people. Cooking for more? Want leftovers? Double or triple the recipes based on your wants and needs. Most of the recipes call for the use of a food processor or blender for ease of use and quick meal prep.

This manual is designed to be reusable! You can take out recipes you don't like and print and add new ones to the binder.

It is printed in large font for easy readability. It has plastic sheet protectors so your pages don't get damaged or food splatters. There is plenty of space on each recipe page to write in your own notes or add your own pictures!

The manual comes with 4 weeks of recipes, a master shopping list, a kitchen tools list, and resources in a 3-ring binder

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