Lavender Sugar Scrub




Our Lavender Sugar Scrub is a sugar based body scrub. Our scrub exfoliates and moisturizes your skin. Can be used before or after washing your body. Our sugar scrub comes in a reusable cloth pouch. Our Sugar Scrub Pouches are 8 oz of lavender sugar scrub wrapped in a mesh cloth pouch making the scrub easy to use. No containers or lids to fight with. The Scrub Pouch adds extra exfoliation and can be hung in the shower or tub.

No jars or lids means this product is not only more environmentally friendly it is also PD friendly. No more struggling with glass jars, lids and wasting product in the bath or shower.

Our Body Scrub is made with organic, vegan and natural ingredients.

Ingredients: Organic sugar, organic coconut oil, organic aloe, organic lavender flowers, organic tea tree oil, organic lavender oil, mica.

Proceeds from our profits go back into our organization to provide services to people with PD and educating the community.

Products available in US only.

Shipping is included.


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