The Parkinson’s Center


Parkinson's Disease Nutrition is expanding! We have secured a commercial property and will be opening The Parkinson's Center in Tucson, AZ in the Spring of 2021!

The Parkinson's Center will be a Parkinson's-specific Community Center, The center will host PD events, classes, resources, groups, and dining. YES! DINING! The PD Center will have a commercial kitchen where we will be able to teach cooking classes, expand our meal delivery program, and host dinner parties.

We are in the very early phase of planning and securing more funding. The Parkinson's Center's vision is to be an environment that is safe for anyone to visit. This entails using creative materials to make the center fall-friendly, meaning we will be using plastics, rubber, and other soft materials to build our center to be safer for people with fall risks. We hope this makes it comfortable for everyone to visit and not worry so much about injuries.

We will also be redoing the entryways, restrooms and kitchen. Making the center completely ADA accessible. We want the flow to be easy to navigate for everybody.

The PD Center will have a family-friendly set-up. We will have a garden for anyone to participate in and enjoy when visiting. There will be several outdoor sitting areas. We will host holiday events for PWP and their loved ones. Kid-friendly events for children and grandchildren to participate in.

There will be a game center, art center, and lounge.

We will provide a space for support groups and meetings for other PD organizations.

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You can help today by donating money, building materials or equipment!