Welcome to Parkinson's Disease Nutrition

Founded by Vanessa Leschak and Teresa Kitchens; Certified Nutritionists and Chefs, Parkinson's Disease Nutrition educates the Parkinson's community on current research regarding disease and nutrition.  While there is no specific diet for PD, we are working hard to find the best diet to recommend.

We study food trends, diets, products, and follow the research to scale down the best foods and eating habits for people with PD. We have a large database of recipes, shopping lists, meal plans, and food recommendations to help each individual achieve healthier eating and manage symptoms.

Parkinson's Disease Nutrition is the place for people with PD and their care partners to find help managing their disease symptoms and feel their best through healthier food and nutrition education.


Have you seen our SHOP page? We just launched body care and beauty products.

Our new products were created specifically for people with PD! All of our products are natural, organic and packaged for ease of use. No more fighting with containers and lids. No more broken glass or wasted products.

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Some of our services include: