Start your nutrition journey with a consultation. A Nutritionist will meet with you to go over your current eating habits, concerns and overall health. Once we have learned more about you we will create a custom meal plan tailored to your food preferences and dietary needs.  Our consultations are done via Zoon, Facetime, WhatsApp or phone/email.
Our Consultations are $50 for up to two hours

Meal Delivery Service

We provide a meal delivery service throughout Southern AZ. Our meals consist of three main dishes and three sides delivered once a week, usually on Wednesday. Our portions are large enough for two people or one person to get 6 portions. We use organic, plant based ingredients to create delicious, comfort food meals that are full of vitamins and minerals and a great source of complete nutrition for people with PD. Our meals delivery service is $85 per week. Email us to get more information or sign up to start meal delivery service.

Cooking Classes

Want to learn how to create quick, healthy meals on your own? Join a weekly cooking class or schedule a private cooking class.

* We have postponed our in person cooking classes until further notice.

Meal Box

Our meal box service is great for those who can't or don't want to grocery shop and plan meals.  We provide healthy and delicious recipes and all of the non-perishable items. Once you receive your box you will have a list of the fresh items you will need to purchase. Recipes change weekly. These boxes are designed to make grocery shopping easier and preparing meals much quicker.

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