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Join our monthly recipe subscription!

These recipes are designed to be added to the Starve The Disease Manual. Don’t have the manual? No worries! You can print these out and put them in a three-ring binder!

Each month I will release 10-15 new recipes. You will be sent the recipes in PDF form via email.

Want them printed and formatted for your binder? Choose the Mail option:  I will mail you all the recipes at the end of each month.

All of the recipes are plant-based, comfort food recreations. The recipes are easy to follow, use minimal ingredients, and are tailored to people who don’t have time, skills, desire, or abilities to be in the kitchen for hours. Most of the recipes use a food processor and blender rather than a knife.

These recipes are created with Parkinson’s in mind! From the ingredients down to the portions and usability. I have spent several years researching the best foods for people with PD. This manual is in no way medical advice or even nutrition advice. Rather just full of delicious, healthy recipes to help your body thrive while dealing with everyday stressors and inflammation.


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